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Business Balance was established to help businesses wanting to go beyond the plateau enterprises often find themselves fixed to and move forward in a manner that allows the team to still feel confident and secure. By providing focus, knowledge and understanding we can support you to:
  • Create new ventures
  • Turn small firms into Market Leaders
  • Build in resilience and growth for established businesses
  • Reinvigorate struggling companies
Business Balance is an expert in performance driven change, human capital management, organisational design, communication and brand enhancement and whose emphasis is on maintaining the balance of performance in all these areas.

Having run our own successful businesses we are very aware of the challenges faced in not only balancing the requirements of each of the critical areas of the business but in aligning those requirements and decisions with our own personal values so as to feel fully engaged in the business and the process.

Therefore a crucial element of the initial information audit we undertake is to ascertain for each of the decision makers your level of alignment with the vision and goals for the organisation. This helps to ensure congruency in the plan for all those involved and increases the potential for success of the chosen strategy.

There are signs that employees now want their work to be of value and to have meaning and purpose, companies are being obliged to consider more carefully their ethics and values and the needs of all their stakeholders; employees, customers, the community and the environment, at Business Balance we can help you to incorporate these new drivers.

Due to our values driven approach we do not offer off the shelf solutions to guide the change. Our approach is collaborative and is also directed by the often constantly evolving challenges which face organisations today.

Having taken into account the personal goals, values and aspirations of your management team to ensure there is a balanced approach between personal, professional and profitable fulfilment we evaluate the potential benefits of a project prior to commencing work and provide a Business Review to inform our clients’ decisions.

To find out how your business can benefit from the Business Balance approach, call now on 01788 536083.
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