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“Here at the Godiva Group we have found Sarah’s business experience to be invaluable when planning for our growth and expansion plan. She has vast knowledge of positioning construction companies to be the best within their sector and we have made use of that awareness in growing our own business.

Sarah has a talent for extracting the relevant and sometimes critical information from individuals, this ensured that the decision makers within my team were fully aware of all the facts and potential challenges before any money or time was spent, allowing them to invest in only the resources that would move us forward and in the way we wanted.

She has definitely helped with our sustainable growth programme and we look forward to our on-going work with her.”

Colin Taylor, Managing Director – Godiva Group

“I have highly valued the time Sarah has given me as a business mentor. Her significant business experience has meant that I have been able to use her as a very effective sounding board to any issues I have raised. She has been able to make suggestions and provide ideas that have really assisted in shaping the development of my company. She is incredibly generous in searching out and providing relevant documents and sources of information pertinent to the topic being discussed. Sarah has a level of expertise that I so value”

Gill Tree, Managing Director, Essentials for Health

“As a family based business we weren’t sold on the idea of bringing in external assistance to help us with our business plans; fortunately Sarah was referred to us and her knowledge and experience of working within family business environments was immediately evident.

She carefully considered the consequences and effects our business decisions would have on the whole family dynamics, helping us to formulate a plan that would be beneficial to the long term strategy and survival of the business as well as the relationships in and out of the business.

She effectively managed any conflict and acted as an independent sounding board and mediator, which was necessary to facilitate the individuals within the business to reach an agreed proposal for the future.

We wouldn’t hesitate in recommending Sarah’s services to other family run businesses.”

John Davies, Managing Director, Davies Environmental

“Thanks so much for our last session. I got so much from it. I always come away feeling inspired and renewed. It also really helps to have you there to help me to recognise my achievements. I think that your special gift is the combination of you being a genuinely lovely, kind and caring person with being a very good coach and business woman. You have managed to combine femininity with business in a completely unique way and I think that is such an inspirational and congruent way to be in this modern world. I have never felt judged by you, just supported in a really professional and thoughtful way. So thank you for everything you have done. It has been such a worthwhile and valuable experience.”

Judy Price, Managing Director, Happyweight Limited

“I have benefitted so much from emotional and strategic ‘clarity’ when being coached by you on organisational and business strategy Sarah. I love your unique intuitive style. Most significantly this helped me in my new role as HR Director in an enterprise where the leadership team (15) is ALL male. You understood exactly what was at stake if the CEO and I did not get this point in our relationship right. You supported me (thus him and me) to preserve our mutual gains and our higher mission, at a crucial point in setting the foundations for an innovative relationship, a way of working that values and integrates female talent. The outcome was extremely successful and we have a deeper more meaningful partnership as a result.

Your brilliant coaching and thinking about women working in all male environments and what strategies are appropriate to employ inspired me to trust my intuition. We women are the Balance in Business! Business cannot function effectively and profitably in the 21st century without our input. Thanks for being absolutely there when I need it, you're a gem!”

Karen Oehme, HR Director, Global Success Company

“My experience of Sarah’s coaching has been excellent. She has not only a solid business knowledge and approach, but also subtly and respectfully uncovered some limiting beliefs I held that I didn’t even know about. Immediately I feel different about my place in several projects I have on. Just having this awareness has created a shift in my perspective, and this will help me immensely. I strongly recommend Sarah, she brings much more than you might expect from a business coach, being able to simply, directly and safely get to those so-important issues that you might not even be aware of right now.

Thanks Sarah”

Geoff Hinsley, Managing Director, Geoff Hinsley Limited

“I turned to Sarah for her life coaching skills having reached a very emotional situation and crossroads in my life. I went to my first session with a very open mind as this was a whole new concept to me and I had not done anything like this before. Sarah was very welcoming and understanding and made it easy for me to relax. I found all the sessions I had very helpful and thought provoking without being over analytical. Sarah helped me to think about things in new ways that gave me clarity and helped me to make decisions about me and my life and the direction I was going in. All the decisions I made and feelings I had came from within me but Sarah helped me find them, her methods were brilliant. We had tears and laughter through our sessions with Sarah being very supportive, professional and caring throughout.

Many Thanks”

Claire Nash, Florist

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